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Inspired Makeup Tutorial: Independence Day-Indian Flag Eye Makeup

India Flag Eye Makeup

I’ve been meaning to get to doing this earlier but a little accident in the gym has rendered my left hand useless..A big thank you to my mom who typed this out for me while I rest my hand.
So the Indian Independence Day is tomorrow, the 15th of August and we are celebrating our 69th Independence day and to honor the occasion, I decided to do an Indian flag inspired makeup tutorial. It is super easy and super wearable so you can totally go out with this look tomorrow!! (more…)

Inspired Makeup Tutorial: Taylor Swift – Bad Blood Music Video

Final Eyes

Ever since Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood Music video debuted a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been dying to try out her look. Taylor looks like nothing she has ever done before, not counting the ever present red lip. She rocked a really intense smokey eye with a dark red lip that looks uber hot and sultry. I’ve been meaning to do this tutorial for almost as long as the video has been out and this weekend, I finally found some time to experiment and voila, I came up with this Taylor inspired look.

Taylor has gone full out grungy in her video but I have toned down the look a little to keep wearable yet enough grungy to turn heads. Let’s get going (more…)