L’Oreal Paris Professional Hair Spa Deep Nourishing Creambath and Hydrating Concentrate for Dry and Sensitive Scalp

With dry hair like mine, you’ll have to be constantly on the lookout for something that manages to keep the dryness away and make my hair feel soft. Until last year, I never tried getting hair spas or anything and relied just on after wash products to tame my hair. One fine day last year I decided to give the whole hullaballoo a shot and got a L’Oreal hair spa and was hooked for life. But then, spas at salons costs a bomb and I didn’t want to have to spend so much on getting them done every month or so. The alternative, do it myself at home. Read on to know how and what I do!

L'Oreal Hair Spa
L’Oreal Hair Spa


The L’Oreal Hair Spa Creambath comes in a turquoise blue tub type packaging which can be a little unhygienic but very convenient to scoop out dollops of the product. The packaging looks very pretty sitting on my bathroom counter.

L'Oreal Hair Spa Deep Nourishing Cream Bath
L’Oreal Hair Spa Deep Nourishing Cream Bath

The Loreal hydrating concentrate comes in the same turquoise blue outer box. The actual product comes in tiny glass vials with a silver cap. The vials are so cute to look at. We get 6 vials in each box.

L'Oreal Deep Nourishing Cream Bath Review Inida
L’Oreal Deep Nourishing Cream Bath Review Inida
Price: 600 INR for the creambath and 500 INR for the six vials.
Quantity: 490 gm in the creambath and 8 ml in each vial.

So let me not go with the traditional way of writing a review as probably this does not fall into the traditional category. L’Oreal Hair Spa is my hair saviour. Trust me there has not been a single day that passed by when I haven’t thanked my stars that I ended up buying them.

L'Oreal Hair Spa Review
L’Oreal Hair Spa Review

Traditionally at a salon, they go about the whole hair washing, towel drying and blah blah before they get to the hair spa. They put it on, massage it in and steam your head and keep you sitting there for hours.
I don’t have the patience to sit for so long and frankly its very painful :-P

L'Oreal Hair Spa Hydrating Concentrate
L’Oreal Hair Spa Hydrating Concentrate

At home, once I shampoo and rinse, I wring out the excess water from my hair, gently of course or my bathroom would be like a barber shop :-D then I scoop out the creambath into a bowl and add the vial. I mix it, apply throughly onto my scalp and hair, just massage it in for about a minute, roll up my hair and put a shower cap on my rolled up hair.

L'Oreal Hydrating Concentrate Review
L’Oreal Hydrating Concentrate Review

Now that my hair is out of the way, I continue with the rest of my bath process, exfoliating and other shenanigans. roughly ten to fifteen minutes pass while I buff and cleanse my body and its time to rinse off the hair spa.

L'Oreal Hair Spa Review, Price, Buy Online India
L’Oreal Hair Spa Review, Price, Buy Online India

While rinsing out the spa, I spend a little time massaging my scalp once more. A few rinses with cold water and towel dried hair gives the hair such a soft soft soft look! My hair has never been better.

L'Oreal Hair Spa Creambath Review, Price, Buy Online India
L’Oreal Hair Spa Creambath Review, Price, Buy Online India

Ideally we should be getting hair spas every month for those with either dry and dull hair or curly unmanageable hair or both. Since my hair was extremely dry and damaged thanks to all the heat I used to tame my mop, I end up using the spa once every couple of weeks. The result, soft, smooth, shiny hair for a long long time.

L'Oreal Hair Spa For Dry Hair
L’Oreal Hair Spa For Dry Hair

Other than using the creambath and the concentrate together, you can also use them separately. I use the creambath as a conditioner when I am extra lazy to find my conditioner and I use the hydrating concentrate as a leave in serum for that little extra in my hair.

The Verdict: :fs: :fs: :fs: :fs: :fs:

I am absolutely in love with this product and will definitely get it again and again. Its multipurpose usage completely bowled me over. The price might seem expensive at first, but considering they charge the same amount at a salon for one hair spa and here we get six, that is like saving 5000 rupees. A must have for every one with hair..!!!

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